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Special Called IBA Meeting
Incompetence Rules at Airport Authority

From the Editor....

I apologize for being so lax in my airport updates. The combination of my political campaign ( joining the fight against political corruption) and a sluggish thyroid (still working to defeat autoimmune disease), along with the summertime demands of caring for 8 acres of land at the east end of the runway, has kept me very busy.

During this last couple of months, I have been patiently waiting and watching to see what nefarious plan David Austin (Commission Chairman) would finagle in his unending efforts to thwart the will of the people of Paulding County.

And, as I knew he would, King David has come up with a dastardly plan to ram his maniacal commercial airport scheme down our throats regardless of how many elections we win to prove that we don't want his stinking commercial airport!! Here's the plan as it is developing......

NEWS ALERT!!     CORRECTION: Special Called Meeting is IBA

A Storm of Governmental Shenanigans is Brewing

by Patti Smith

Click here to Enlarge this image(09.07.14) It is reported that a last minute special meeting of the IBA (Industrial Building Authority) has been called for 8:00am Tuesday, September 9, 2014 in the Board of Commissioners Meeting Room at the Governmental Complex on Hwy 278. The reported reason for the special called meeting is to approve a contract with Atlanta Gas Light to install a gas main to serve the County Airport. . (Update 09.16.14) And THAT is EXACTLY what they did. For a change, they were up front about their intentions. If only that could happen ALL the time!

Editor's Note: Our current governing cabal usually calls special meetings when they need to sneak something past the public. So, though the official reason for this special meeting is to approve a gas line, I suspect that there may be another reason that might have something to do with the "New Business" on the BOC (Board of Commissioners) agenda for Tuesday.

The BOC has an interesting item on their Agenda under New Business for Tuesday's meetings.

Discuss action to enter into an Intergovernmental Contract between Paulding County and the Paulding County Airport Authority for the Operation of Silver Comet Field at the Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport.

From what I have observed over the last few years, I believe that David Austin, with the help of his wily outside legal henchmen, is willing to manipulate the laws of Georgia in any manner necessary ("within the bounds of the law", of course) to get his way and thwart the will of the people of Paulding County,

That is why I imagine that this Intergovernmental Contract Scheme, once the details are released, will show that King David is turning over total control of our county airport to the Airport Authority and Airport Manager Blake Swafford, of course, who can then turn it over, lock stock and barrel, to Brett Smith and Propeller Investments before the newly elected anti-airport commercialization Commissioners are sworn into office in January. Of course, I'd be willing to bet that the taxpayers of this county will still be paying all the airport's bills even though we lose our voice and all hope of saving ourselves from this governmental overreach. There is undoubtedly a tax increase hidden in there somewhere, too.

I can imagine a scenario in which the people of Paulding County will have absolutely no voice and no control over the AA, a "governmental" entity that can destroy lives and the value of family homes while also raising property taxes in a mad scheme to pay for this crazy aviation gamble that might enrich a select few but will probably end of costing the taxpayers of Paulding County a very large fortune that we cannot afford to spend of an unwanted airport. And since my life experience informs me that greedy business men and greedy hedge fund managers seem to enjoy enriching themselves on the backs of the taxpayers that they consider to be less than themselves....
LOOK OUT WEST PAULDING!! It's going to be a bumpy ride.
(Update 09.16.14) And as it turned out I was right to be suspcious. My predictions turned out to be right on. Read the Intergovernmental Agreement for yourself.

Incompetence Rules at Airport Authority

by Patti Smith

(09.08.14) Our county airport has been used for many different things over the years that have NOTHING to do with aviation. There have been motorcycle races on the runway, church was held there for a while, there was a BBQ cook off, there's a movie night, and the list of non-aviation events goes on and on. My favorite is when BS1 (Blake Swafford aka Airport Director) signed a contract that allowed for the filming of VH1’s LOVE & HIPHOP ATLANTA in and around our airport terminal.

This video aired on May 27, 2013.
The Paulding segment begins at the 31:20 mark and goes till the end.

Now it seems to most thinking people that maybe before you sign a contract you might want to do a little research into what it means. But apparently doing your due diligence before signing a contract is not a concept that BS1 knows much about. When the episode aired in 2013, BS1 was HORRIFIED by what he saw on his TV screen. Apparently, Hip Hop culture is not one of BS1's favorite things, because after viewing the episode he immediately fired off an Email apology to the BOC & AA members Here's an excerpt of the message that was acquired through a Freedom of Information Request. BS1 wrote in his apology letter:

"As we had been trying pretty desperately for 6 months or so to get a new show into the Film Studio I thought it would be a good idea to let VH-1 do this promotional piece as it might lead to future work for the studio. As you will be able to see if you follow the link....that is not at all what occurred. Unfortunately my lack of experience with the film industry and my lack of direct oversight of the filming resulted in the VH-1 crew and staff using the terminal building in a full-fledged episode of the show, not a promotional piece."

Yes, it was a show that BS1 should have familiarized himself with BEFORE he signed the contract. Editor's Note: I personally have nothing against HIP HOP. It is Reality TV that I find repulsive.

BS1, according to what I have seen of him so far, has a tendency to make deals and sign contracts without considering the consequences of his actions, or perhaps it is that he just doesn't care. He has never indicated to me that he cares about the harm done to the people he has called "the collateral damage at the ends of the runway".

BS1 was a driving force behind building this airport against the will of the people and he is a major player in bringing BS2 (Brett Smith of Propeller Investments) and commercial air flights to our rooftops. Here's more of BS1's apology letter about allowing VH1’s very popular LOVE & HIPHOP ATLANTA show to film at our county airport.

"From what I have seen tonight of this show it is utterly and completely trash. The scenes shot in our beautiful facility are disgusting filth and a complete embarrassment to the airport."

So, it appears to me that BS1 shows poor judgment as Airport Director and has done things that he admits brought "complete embarrassment to the airport".

BS1 is also Executive Director of the IBA (Industrial Building Authority) and the IBA has the power to borrow money that the taxpayers must pay back with interest (aka issuing bonds). It is BS1 that was a driving force in persuading the IBA to pay for a movie studio on the taxpayer's credit card. A move studio, by the way, that is losing money like crazy. The studio might not be hemoragging so much of our money if BS1 hadn't referred to potential big time clients like Viacom & VH1 and their hits show as "utterly and completely trash".

Learn more about Paulding's Governing Bodies & how they affect your lifeBS1 (Blake Swafford) is deeply involved in the biggest disasters I can see here in Paulding County. Take a look at this PDF at right and see for yourself what great influence BS1 has over a county that he does not even live in.

What does BS1 have planned next?

This Special Called Meeting of the IBA is alledged to be about approving an Atlanta Gas Pipeline, BUT I have seen new and unexpected agenda items suddenly appear as if by magic in Special Called Meetings. So, I suspect that the IBA special meeting has something to do with the New Business Item on the BOC Agenda. An Intergovernmental Contract could solve all of Blake Swafford's problems BUT is would make Paulding County's problems much worse.

As the Stop Paulding County Airport Expansion Facebook page posted:

There is an item on tomorrow's BOC Agenda regarding an Intergovernmental Contract between the Airport Authority (AA) and Paulding County, where the Airport Authority is requesting the BOC to sign "our" airport over to them through a 10 year contract! Not only does the AA want full control of the airport, including taking possession of the deed to the 168 county owned acres the airport sits on – they want the county to continue funding the airport… meaning they still want the use of our tax dollars! So, they want our money but not our input. What a sweet deal for them – what a death sentence for Paulding Co! Their desperation to take control away from the BOC and the residents is more than evident. IF THE BOC VOTE YES TO THIS OUTRAGEOUS CONTRACT, WE, THE PAULDING COUNTY TAXPAYERS WILL HAVE ABSOLTUELY NO REPRESENTATION OR CONTROL OF THE AIRPORT!!!

If you are as appalled as we are, please attend tomorrow's BOC meetings, sign up at the meeting to speak about your opposition, and either email or call our commissioners. THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM US IN ORDER TO KNOW HOW WE FEEL ABOUT GIVING THE AA MORE POWER THAN THEY ALREADY HAVE! IMAGINE WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO THIS COUNTY IF THE BOC DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO PROTECT US! WE NEED A CALL TO ACTION, PAULDING COUNTY, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!

Write to our current county commissioners. Here are the BOC emails:,,,,

And let's the pack the room at every meeting tomorrow!! See above for meeting times.

Come back soon for news about lightening damaging the runway and the curse that plagues Paulding Airport....or is is a haunted?? And, yes there will probably be more. It looks like a busy week in Paulding......

Smart Lawyers VS Paulding Good Old Boys

(06.27.14) Sidley Austin lawyer Peter Steenland has been busy signing letters lately.

This week he wrote the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and told Col. Tickner that the Corp should suspend and revoke the permit it granted to the AA (Airport Authority) for the Terminal Area Expansion Project because 1) circumstances have changed, 2) the permittee (AA) failed to comply with terms and conditions, 3) new information has emerged regarding endangered species at the airport, and 4) the permit was based on false, incomplete, and/or inaccurate information. READ ENTIRE LETTER

Last week he wrote to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and requested an immediate suspension and revocation of State Buffer Determination for the Terminal Expansion Project. He told the Director of concerted and sustained efforts in the case of the Paulding Airport to skirt meaningful environmental review and avoid compliance with applicable environmental regulations. READ ENTIRE LETTER

It has been reported that Lawyer Steenland has more good letters in him that could really shake things up here in Paulding County.

A lot of US are really happy about that! More to come.......

BoC Special Called Meeting = Charade in Governing

by Patti Smith

The Bad Joke that is Paulding Political Theater

(06.09.14) Paulding County Commission Chairman David Austin (DA) called a "Special Meeting" so that he could offer the illusion that he cares about the people of Paulding County by creating a Citizen's Advisory Committee. This 'citizen's committee' idea is one that the people of West Paulding have been championing for almost five years.

.......from PS: Interesting that DA decides to move on it now.
Wonder why, so suddenly? Could it be an intense desire to set his policies in stone before the newly elected Commissioners, who will all be anti-airport-commercialization, are sworn into office next January? Color me suspicious................

However, most of the people of west Paulding already know that this Advisory is nothing but a dubious political ploy to strategically change the state laws governing the AA (Airport Authority) and the IBA (Industrial Building Authority) in an effort, I believe, to extend the power of the AA & IBA beyond the legal reach of the property owners and all citizens harmed by an Austin Land crazy economic scheme gone awry.

READ & LEARN MORE about who was selected and by whom they were selected... Why were there no announcements that might have attracted qualified people to advise our leaders on important issues facing our county? Is a SHAM committee populated in large part by political lackeys really the best Paulding can do?

READ MEETING NOTES from last Thursday's
Special Called Citizen's Committee Meeting by Patti Smith

LEARN MORE about the Members of the Citizen Advisory Committees
Airport Authority Citizen Advisory Committee
Industrial Building Authority Citizen Advisory Committee

Notice of Special Meeting Called by Paulding County Board of Commissioners

aka Citizen’s Beware!! Shenanigans Afoot!
Dangerous Shadowy Authorities Ahead!!

(06.04.14) The Paulding County Board of Commissioners (BoC) has called a Special Meeting scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 5, 2014, at Watson Government Complex, 240 Constitution Blvd., Second Floor, Dallas, Georgia.

This will be an organizational meeting for the BoC’s Citizen Study Committees for the AA (Airport Authority) and the IBA (Industrial Building Authority). This is a special called session, and the public is invited to attend, however, public participation and comment is not allowed on any items, we are told by a BoC representative.

This means that the public is prohibited from being involved in a discussion in regard to the creation of a “Citizen Study Committee”, the purpose of which was purported to be a way to finally allow the citizens to have at least one small voice in the choices made by the BoC and their Chairman David Austin. Barring citizen involvement in the process of creating a citizen’s committee proves to me that this is just another piece of political theater to defeat the will of the people of Paulding County who are demanding a voice in decisions that will destroy what makes Paulding County such a wonderful place to live and visit.

Visitors to my website know that I have long been calling for the creation a Citizen’s Advisory Committee to the Airport Authority. For several years now, I have been speaking out at my websites — the now defunct website that I created nearly 5 years ago so that my and my neighbors’ voices could be heard over the jet engines, and today I continue advocating for citizen involvement at my new website…  pauldingairport.US… a website by and for the good people who are the collateral damage at the ends of the runway — websites offering residents of West Paulding along with other parts of the County real information about how our tax dollars are used so that this airport can destroy our lives and our homes as we know them, while changing this county forever and not in a good way.

The creation of a Citizen’s Study Committee for the IBA and the AA were discussed several months ago at a BOC meeting. From what I recall, the supposed purpose was…

Folks, in my opinion, this is nothing more than subterfuge to accomplish two things:

  1. Make it appear that the BOC is responsive to citizen’s desires and demands, while in reality placing mostly Austin’s lackeys on the Committee, who will then work with Austin and his other lackeys on the IBA and AA, so that they can report their pre-determined findings to BoC which is until January 2015 primarily populated by Austin’s lackeys.
  1. Ramrod through some Austin-preferred legislative changes that will broaden the scope of the IBA while pretending there is citizen approval in an effort to circumvent a current citizen-led lawsuit (which is awaiting a decision from the Appeals Court) and to provide the IBA more power to operate in the shadows (ie, more opportunities to spend your tax money in ways that will cause harm to lives of many while increasing the bank accounts of a preferred few).

There will be millions, if not billions, of dollars of worth of infrastructure improvements needed to our general aviation airport if the FAA’s 139 Certification is granted to Paulding County allowing for commercialization of our little airport. It sounds so good — Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! — until you realize just exactly who will be on the financial hook for these expensive improvements, many of which are not FAA reimbursable. IF the unproven Brett Smith and his dubious Propeller Investments group falls flat on their faces, I am certain that someone will have to pay their tab.... 

That someone, on the hook and footing the bill, will either be you\the taxpayer, OR Propeller\our partner, OR some cost sharing between the two.

Propeller, IF they can succeed, should in theory have no problems paying their portion of needed improvements, considering the contract they signed with our AA gives them 97.5% of gross revenues.  But how, in theory, are we going to be able to pay our portion of improvements with our meager cut of the profits, believe it or not, ONLY a pathetic 2.5% of gross revenues?  Remember folks, as the legal owner of the airport, according to the FAA, we are responsible for building and maintaining the needed infrastructure, regardless of whether Propeller is wildly successful or reneges on the contract and goes belly up.

Based on my study of previous BoC shenanigans, I have every reason to suspect that the powers that be, until January anyway, will be advocating for the Airport Authority to have bonding authority.  I also would not be the least bit surprised if they didn’t come up with a “great new idea” that they should create a new Parking Authority, with bonding authority charged on the taxpayer’s credit card naturally, to build the needed parking garages and parking lots that will be necessary to accommodate Propeller’s goal of 1,000,000 passengers a year flying out of Silver Comet Field.

You didn’t think Propeller was paying for all that new stuff they are going need if they are to make a big profit for themselves over at the airport, did you? Why would they?

Surely the smart guys over at Propeller Investments can convince the powers that be until January that they should get the taxpayers to pay for everything they need by issuing a few bonds on the taxpayer's credit card, whether the taxpayers like it or not.

Here's my advice....Currently, the Public Participation Ordinance says that citizens cannot speak and exercise their First Amendment Rights at a BoC Special Called Meeting.  I will recommend changing this ordinance to allow citizens to speak at any BOC meeting.  After all, this is the people's government, and elected officials are public servants.  How can they work for you while at the same time refusing to allow you to speak to them?

I implore each of you to attend this meeting Thursday night. Make a sign and bring it so you may have a voice. Educate yourself about the “goings on” in this county. And then let your voices be heard! If we don’t save ourselves from psychopathic economic development schemes, no one else is going to swoop in and save US! ◊◊◊

Board of Commissioners Meeting Notes

Editor's Notes from Patti Smith, Webmaster & Democratic Candidate for Post 2 Commissioner

(05.28.14) Last Tuesday's Board of Commissioners (BoC) Morning Work Session was a packed house at the start. You could feel the excitement in the room. The standing room only audience was eager for the show to begin. And, though it got off to a tranquil start, Tuesday's BoC meeting turned out to be a lot more fun and a lot more interesting than I have ever seen, and I have seen some stunning moments in the Commission's meeting room.

Maybe we should turn our county government meetings into a reality TV show!
We could probably get a discount if we filmed it over at the Movie Studio
we own........

I want to begin my report by offering my sincere thanks to Hiram's Mayor Doris Devey for making this week’s BoC meeting far more interesting than it looked to be at the outset. You see, all those who oppose PUJ airport commercialization thought that the first meeting after a BIG TIME election victory by the people, that put the people's kibosh on King David’s plans for the county, would be hot, hot, HOT! And at first, it all appeared disappointingly quiet.

Everything was tame and by the book, until veteran and anti-airport activist Martina Hemming rose to speak to the Board. That’s when the veneer began to peel away from the “happy face” that King David was showing to those assembled in the meeting room. Yes, King David’s smile evaporated about the same time that some of his most ardent supporters on the last row, led by Mayor Doris, began grumbling out loud about the ‘horrible people destroying our county’.

It is true those of us who wish to protect Paulding from crazy financial boondoggles may be destroying the nefarious plans for Paulding offered by Mayor Doris and her crowd of friends, but in our book we are saving the county that we love from the worst possible direction it could go in the future.

The highlights for me, from this morning's meeting, were:

1. New Friends

Sharing a few laughs and a little time with my new friends here in the county.

2. A Handsome Man Whispering in My Ear

A handsome young man seated next to me, age six years, asked prior to the start of the meeting exactly what was his learning assignment during the meeting. I told him he should look at the Commissioners up on the dais and decide which he thought looked the happiest and which he thought appeared the most unhappy.

Well into the meeting, he leaned over, tapped my arm and reached his lips up to my ear where he whispered so quietly, I couldn't even understand what he said. When I looked at him in confusion, he repeated himself, still very quietly, but this time I heard him say "Jayson Phillips looks the most unhappy." I knew it was wrong to respond, but I also know that a quick and quiet response to a child can be tolerated. So, I leaned down, put my lips near his ear and whispered, "He's a lawyer. They always look that way." Then I signaled with a finger to my lips that we should be quiet.

3. A Finger in My Face

While Martina Hemming, a retired veteran of the US Military, was giving a speech to the BoC, I was really enjoying what she had to say until the conversation coming from the row behind me made it impossible for me to hear Ms. Hemming's words about the incredibly poor choice of contractor chosen by the county to perform the court ordered Environmental Assessment at the airport.

I knew the three people behind me so I turned to look in their direction hoping that the woman directly behind me would get the message that I would like them to stop talking about how the woman at the podium and her friends were "trying to destroy Paulding County," according to the backrow commenters. It was pretty clear to everyone hearing their unpleasant conversation that they were indeed very unhappy about me and my new friends. Nobody ever accused poor old Doris of being subtle, I bet.

Finally, after three failed attempts to subtly quiet the conversation behind me with a meaningful glance, I turned completely around in my chair, so there could be no doubt, put my finger to my lips and SHOOSHED Mayor Doris Devey (a member of the Paulding County Airport Authority (AA) , Industrial Business Authority (IBA), and appointed to the Board of Directors of the Paulding County Chamber after being sworn in as mayor of Hiram) and her friends. To Doris' left was a very elderly gentleman who has spoken previously at the BoC & AA meetings, always showing the greatest amount of support for airport commercialization along with David Austin and his governing Authorities; and on his left was Carolyn Wright, a member of the Paulding IBA & AA and also serving in her seventh year at the Paulding Chamber of Commerce, currently as President/CEO.

Here's the most amusing part..........When Martina's speech ended and the meeting was adjourned for a private session of the Board, Mayor Doris Devey tapped me on the shoulder, putting her finger in my face as I turned in my chair, then leaning forward, she scolded me harshly, saying unequivocally that I should NEVER EVER put my finger to my lips and SHOOSH her again... EVER!

As she poked her finger into my air space, soon followed by her nose, Mayor Doris was quick to add with gusto and a little growl in her voice, "You people are destroying this county!"

Some of us might say, "Look in the mirror when you say that Doris. And smile."

Why is it, I wonder, that the six year old was clever enough to take the hint to be quiet during the meeting when others were speaking, but Mayor Doris was not. Poor Old Doris and her pals at the Airport Authority Meetings have always used their armed Marshalls to demand that I not speak EVER during Airport Authority meetings, even when no one is speaking just as the meetings are drawing to a close. That was always my favorite time to shout my unwanted questions, so as not to interrupt a speaker. However, Poor Old Doris thinks she can tell me that I can't even give her a SHOOSH!!!!! ....In a public meeting while a veteran is speaking truth to power......
Get a grip, Doris!!!!! You will be SHOOSHED, if you deserve it.

4. King David's Delusion

As Martina's speech to the BoC ended and she turned to walk to her seat, Commission Chairman David Austin said something astoundingly moronic. This is not a direct quote (but I will post the video for an exact quote, as soon as I can), but my memory of the moment is that David Austin said something to the effect that Martina should send her thanks to Delta for writing her speech. If it hadn't been so pathetic, it would have been funny!

One of the main delusions afoot in King David's Austin World Fantasy Land is that Delta Airlines is behind ALL of the opposition to the Paulding Airport Commercialization Scheme. I have pointed out that here, in the real world of west Paulding County, I run this website and I pay the webhost out of my own pocket with my own money and I typed these words and I created all the artwork you see and I created this webpage and I put it up on the Internet ALL BY MY LITTLE OLD SELF. I just WISH Delta was sending me checks. So far, though...NO CHECKS!

And contrary to David Austin's delusions, Martina Hemming is a smart woman who does her own research and writes her own speeches and she is a veteran of whom David Austin spoke ill. Shame on you, David.

5. No Bid Professional Service Contracts Stink Up the Place

Tax dollars are regularly spent by Paulding County officials on professional services that are not bid out, according to Blake Swafford. Government should offer all services up to the bidding process, in my opinion.

Though I can understand a multi-year professional services contract that will save money for the taxpayers in the long run, I cannot understand why the Airport Authority decided to give the court ordered Environmental Assessment (EA) of the airport to the LPA Group, "a biased EA contractor with a direct financial interest in the very proposal that is subject to the EA", according to Attorney Peter Steenland, Council for Paulding Residents.

According to Steenland's letter to the FAA, "The Michael Baker Corporation and its subsidiary, the LPA Group, which formerly employed PUJ's Airport Director (Blake Swafford) continue to provide consulting services at PUJ today and have done so for over a decade." This seems like a conflict of interests to me and most all thinking people. On top of that, LPA had a representative at the hidden two-day retreat in Douglasville where the Airport Authority members met secretly to plan their airport commercialization scheme last summer, far away from the prying eyes of the people of Paulding County.

This calculated move by Blake Swafford of retaining his pal and former employer as the contractor for the court ordered Environmental Assessment is, in my opinion, totally and completely outrageous and unscrupulous. Yet, BS apparently sees absolutely no conflict, and that does not surprise me. This dubious action is typical of my experience with BS and the AA ever since the airport was in its initial planning stages.

So in the was a fun and interesting BoC morning meeting. And, while it is true that I wrongly responded to young Nigel when he told me of his observations about Lawyer Phillips, at least he and I did not carry on a long conversation about the "low character" of the female citizen and veteran standing at the podium, speaking truth to her elected government officials (or of the people sitting in the row behind us).

It is certain, I feel, that had I been speaking loud enough for people around me to clearly understand every word being said while a speaker was at the podium, I am pretty sure I would have been accosted by the constabulary... at the very least subjected to a stern "talking to" from one of the armed Marshalls standing at the back of the room, just a few feet away.

However, not one of the armed Marshalls asked Doris Devey and her friends in the last row to be quiet and be "professional" as one of the Marshall's demanded of me last October. It's almost as if David and Doris and all their BoC/AA/IBA pals have one set of rules for themselves that is completely different from the set of rules they have for everyone else.

Let me close by thanking you again, Mayor Doris, for making Tuesday’s BoC meeting far more interesting than it looked to be at the outset.

Bottom line as I see it, Mayor Doris, is that we in the opposition are not destroying the county. We are saving the county from David Austin's nefarious airport, et al, plans handed down from Bill Carruth, to Glenn Richardson, on through the lineage of the Good Old Boys of Paulding, continuing down the line to you and all your fellow David Austin appointees on the AA & the IBA.

We, the people, are protecting our county and our homes from your Authorities' psychopathic economic development boondoggles by reclaiming the future we want for Paulding and for our children. ◊◊◊


(05.28.14) The article below, regarding comments requested by the FAA about the proposed 139 Certification of PUJ that is required for airport commercialization, references comments filed with the FAA by a group of residents who live and own property near the Paulding Airport. If you really want to understand the concerns of the Paulding citizens most damaged by PUJ, take the time to read the entire comment document submited by lawyers to the FAA regarding the Proposed Part 139 Operating Certficate. It's long but well worth the read. ◊◊◊

Paulding Residents Call on FAA to Replace Contractor on Airport Environmental Assessment

Urge FAA to Conduct "Complete, candid, and comprehensive"
environment review

ATLANTA, GA, May 21, 2014 – Residents of Paulding County today called for the Federal Aviation Administration to remove the contractor selected for an environmental assessment of the proposed expansion of Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport into a second commercial airport serving metropolitan Atlanta.

In comments filed with the FAA today, the group of residents, who live and own property near the airport, said that the assessment has been corrupted by the selection of a contractor with a direct financial interest in the proposed airport expansion.

"The contractor selected to prepare the assessment is tainted by a financial interest in the airport's expansion, which is the subject of the assessment," said attorney Peter Steenland of the Sidley, Austin LLP firm in Washington, D.C., who along with Atlanta attorney Charles McKnight Jr. of the firm of Nations, Toman & McKnight, LLP, represents the landowners opposing this project. "They cannot be expected to prepare an objective analysis of this project, which could have a significant impact on the environment and potentially transform the region with a major commercial airport."

Steenland noted that "this is only the latest case of public officials using their influence and power to try to force residents into accepting a major project that could fundamentally change the quality of life in Paulding County."

According to the comments filed today, the contractor, Michael Baker Inc., and its subsidiary, the LPA Group, have been consultants for the Paulding Airport Authority for more than a decade, and continue to provide services today. In addition, the current airport director, Blake Swafford, is a former LPA employee. Swafford is one of the chief proponents of the proposed airport expansion.

"A contractor selected to conduct the FAA's environmental assessment must be objective," McKnight said, "but he's irrevocably tainted here." The landowners called on the FAA to begin the assessment anew with an independent contractor that has no bias or financial ties to the airport or the investors behind the proposed expansion.

In addition, the residents called on the FAA to invite other federal agencies, including the Army Corps of Engineers, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency, to participate in the environmental assessment. They also questioned the purpose and need behind the new commercial airport, which is situated just 35 miles from Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport, especially to accommodate a fledgling airline Allegiant, which Steenland referred to as "a notoriously fickle carrier that has stranded many an airport suitor after only briefly serving that airport."

The group also asked the FAA to address the secrecy behind the process of approving the airport expansion, which has been largely conducted with no transparency for the public and with no discussion over whether there is a need to establish Paulding Airport as Atlanta's secondary commercial airline hub.

"This proposal would lay the groundwork for what could become a major airline hub in Paulding County, and therefore requires a complete and objective review with the full participation of Paulding County residents," McKnight said. "The FAA's environment assessment needs to be "complete, candid, and comprehensive," McKnight added. ◊◊◊

NEWS about the Reservoir that you need to know

Drinking Natural/Liquid Gas Is a Real Killer!

(05.13.14) Paulding County Commissioners were asked today to vote to spend another $219,295 on the Richland Creek Reservoir to hire financial consultants to create a rate/financial analysis and business plan for the new reservoir. It was back at the end of February that the Commissioners were informed that the property purchased for the Reservoir would not hold water. ◊◊◊ READ MORE about the Reservoir Story


Website Editor Kidnapped by Political Candidate

(05.05.14) From the Editor...I apologize to those who look to my website for the latest and largest collection of Paulding Airport News...a small group yet loyal group to be sure.

A couple of months ago, I made a radical decision, based on questionable counsel, that led me to join the world of politics, instead of just standing in the back of the room and doing my best to stir things up at the Airport Authority Meetings. I am running for Post 2 Commissioner on a platform that includes Abolishing the Airport Authority and returning the responsibility of the Airport back to the Board of Commissioners who are required to operate in the sunshine of citizen involvement instead of the shadows of a governing Authority.

I never dreamed that I might sink so low as to become a politician, but here I am... stuck in Good Old Boy Governing Heaven, with my hair on fire, yelling at at everyone I see that we've got a problem and they need to pay attention!! ◊◊◊

Open Records Request May Open Some Eyes

(03.28.14) One hardworking member of the citizens who are against commercialization of the Paulding County Airport, aka Silver Comet Field, has acquired some very interesting documents about the deal Paulding County officials made with Hedge Fund Manager Brett Smith of Propeller Investments...they gave away the farm!!

Read them for yourself if you don't believe me!

IBA Terminal Lease

PCAA Bond Agreement

PCAA Engineering Agreement

Blackhawks Get Personal Invitation from BoC to
Return to Our Rooftops

(03.12.14) At yesterday's Board of Commissioners meeting, Resolution 14-08 in Full Support of Training Operations of Georgia National Guard at Paulding Airport. Click here to see a video of the meeting that begins just as the Resolution is being presented and then read aloud by the The Firm's representative. The Airport Authority will address this issue at their meeting next week on March 19th at 9am on the 2nd floor of the Airport Terminal Building. ◊◊◊

Demonizing the Airport Opposition

(03.12.14) There is a move afoot to demonize all who oppose commercial expansion of the Paulding Airport. I have seen the movement coming together in little pieces over a couple of months now. More on connecing those dots later...

Yesterday morning, just hours before learning that the BoC is inviting the Blackhawks back to our backyards, I received two e-mail messages from military men who took me to task for defending my family home from an insane economic development plan known as the Commercialization of Paulding Airport on the previous evening's news broadcast.. Below are the messages with full names and email of senders temporarily withheld, along with my responses. ◊◊◊ READ EMAILS & REPONSES

They Knew there would be "Collateral Damage at the ends of the Runway" and DIDN'T CARE TO DO ANYTHING about Mitigating said Damage

(1.14.14) The map at right is the original plan drawn up for the Paulding County Airport and surrounding area in 2007 with additions in red by the Editor to show where the often mentioned but never addressed collateral damage caused by Paulding Airport aka Silver Comet Field is located.

The Franco Eleuteri design plan for The Greater Paulding Forest initiative included lots of green (of course, we already had that) and great new high end neighborhoods. Of course the damage done to the lives and property values of the human beings (God's Children) at the ends of the runway was never addressed or mentioned to our knowledge by anyone who has ever supported this airport. They just refer to us as "The Collateral Damage at the Ends of the Runway" and though we often get lip service from our elected officials regarding the level of their caring about our plight, I have NEVER seen any evidence of said "care". ◊◊◊

LEARN MORE about the original Franco Eleuteri plan for Paulding....coming soon...

Georgia Get an "F" in Integrity

Georgia gets F in Integrity

(12/23/2013) A Google search of "corruption in Georgia politics" led to some unhappy news. According to the State Integrity Investigation, our beloved State of Georgia is most likely to be running rampant with government corruption and it is the state whose laws provide the most opportunity for corruption. Way to go, Georgia!! We're #1 corruption.

Frankly, my dears, I DO give a damn and I am, for the first time in my life, ashamed that I was born on Peachtree Street in what I used to think was the greatest state of them all. Now my eyes are opened. We are the most corrupt state of them all. OMG!!

Now, when my elected officials and their attorneys tell me that they are following the letter of the law, I understand better what they mean. It means they are not doing anything "illegal" in the most corrupt state in the United States of America. Call me crazy but it doesn't make me feel better that my elected "aren't doing anything illegal". ◊◊◊


Editor's Note: (12-19-2013) Our Staff (Patti Smith) apologizes for lack of updates on airport happenings but I've been busy going to meetings and handing out flyers and "punching school yard bullies" of the social media set and still fighting with auto-immune disease. Add in the holiday events and who has the energy?

I know some think I have an entire staff and corporate backing, but no. It's just me and my sluggish thyroid. Lots more updates to soon as I find my Adrenal Energy Formula and make some green tea. ◊◊◊

COME BACK SOON for airport news brought to you by Patti Smith...
aka "The Collateral Damage at the East End of the Runway"...

Lots of OPEN LETTERS & BS Ideas Flying Around

6666.66 Comes to Paulding County

(12/21/13 ~ Dallas, GA) Brett Smith (BS2) of Propeller Investments and Silver Comet Parners (or whatever they are calling themselves) told Paul Callahan that his goal is to have ONE MILLION passengers per year passing through Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport (PUJ aka Silver Comet Field). That means 6666.66 flights per year and approximately 20 flights per day based on 150 passengers per flight.

Read more in letter that Paul Callahan wrote when the Chamber of Commerce UNinvited him to be their new chairman because of his opposition to commercial air traffic at Paulding Airport. ◊◊◊

(12/4/13 ~ Dallas, GA) It seems that everybody has an "Open Letter" to someone or another these days about the most recent BS plan for the Paulding Airport aka Silver Comet Field.

Come Back Soon for Patti's Open Letter to DA about resigning, the Chamber about integrity, and Ms. Wright who was so wrong on so many levels, along with Patti's thoughts on The Axis of Psychopathic Economic Development in Paulding County, BUT more on that many half-truths and lies, so little time...

Come Back Soon for more on the latest from non-Paulding-resident Blake Swafford (BS1), Executive Director at Paulding Airport and Industrial Building Authority,who always has had a lot of plans for the county, though it has always been hard to figure out exactly what those plans are, no matter how hard you try. And now, with non-Paulding-resident Brett Smith (BS2) of Propeller Investments on the airport scene, there are even more BS ideas coming our way and it is my job to do what little I can to warn the public because the people deserve to know what their government plans to do to them.

I have learned from personal experience that the dynamic duo of the BS Boys, and all their cohorts who play leadership roles in Paulding County, like to play their games with the truth of their actions "close to the vest" even though elected officials campaigned on a open and honest government. LOL! As BS2 said about turning Paulding's General Aviation Airport into Atlanta's Second Commercial Airport, "Loose lips, sink ships!"

The people need an open and transparent and honest government. Too bad the people of Paulding don't have one.

BS Runs Rampant...Hints that this website is published by sneaky corporate interests trying to harm the people of Paulding ARE 100% FALSE and laughable. This website is produced and funded by one woman who can't stand being bamboozled, hoodwinked or lied to, especially by my government.
I don't like it when business leaders try to pull the wool over my eyes either!

Can't Trust Government in Paulding

It appears the main problem with Paulding County is that the BoC, BS1 and BS2 like to keep secrets from me that affect my future negatively and THAT MEANS that my government representatives and big business are conspiring against me with the intention of doing good for themselves and bad for me. So wrong on so many levels! I thought Jesus taught us to do the right thing even when no one is looking...

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God’s Airport or the Devil’s Playground?

I’ve been to just a handful of Airport Authority meetings and, at each and every meeting, the airport was referred to as “God’s Airport”. During the Morning Prayers before all meetings, I always heard the words “Thank you Jesus for giving us this beautiful airport.” I was stunned because I am 100% certain that Jesus and our Good Lord had NOTHING to do with bringing this odious airport to Paulding County. I submit that Paulding Airport, recently renamed Silver Comet Airport, is the Devil’s Work and the Devil’s Playground. READ MORE

This Video Reveals Truth about Post Commissioners & Airport Authority Plotting and Scheming Against US

David Austin's own words on this video show that Post Commissioners conspired amongst themselves, and possibly with the Airport Authority, to hide the truth of their plan for Commercial Air Traffic expansion at Paulding Airport from Todd Pownall, Post Commissioner for the Airport Area, along with all the voters of Paulding County...But I reckon they were really trying to hide it from US neighbors. Don't seem very neighborly to me...

Wind & Airports

(3/10/2012) We have learned a lot more about wind, airports and airplanes than we EVER wanted to know! BUT, we feel we must educate ourselves, because it appears to us that the "geniuses" who thought up this unwanted airport did a questionable job of airport planning, ...READ MORE

About US

PUJ Watch is a community watchdog organization that monitors activities at Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport (PUJ), current and planned, while seeking to protect our public health, environment, property values and quality of life.

Paulding County, the owner of PUJ has pushed this airport into being against the wishes of the homeowners in the area and Paulding County voters. There is a very small elite circle of influential county residents and powerful politicians who have pushed this airport on us because they have "big plans" for the county. Big plans that will enrich a select and elite few, while harming the average working class Paulding County residents.

Our purpose is to control unchecked airport growth, air traffic, pollution, noise and other issues that have negatively affected those citizens who live around the airport. PUJ is routinely used for non-aviation purposes and offers 24-Hour-a-day operation which many neighbor-friendly community airports DO NOT. Citizens, when they attempt to address complaints with Paulding County government officials, are routinely treated with disdain and nonchalant indifference. And now we know they have been sneaking and scheming to create more misery for the neighbors of this noxious airport..

If our local officials are allowed to continue treating those citizens harmed by the airport with disdain and indifference, then you can bet that is exactly how they will treat you when it suits them. Of course,if you don't "wake up and smell the politicians" until after they come up with one of their "great new ideas" that harms you, just like their airport idea has harmed so many Paulding residents that have lived on land surrounding the airport for decades, then it will be too late for you.

You might be wondering, how can they harm local click here to view video at YouTbueresidents more than they already have by creating an environment that is lowering most property values and destroying the quality of life for those unlucky enough to have a new and unwanted airport in their once idyllic country setting?

Get ready for the latest and greatest BAD IDEA that the county's elite has for Paulding's unsuspecting citizens...


A Message from Oliver Cromwell to Corrupt Government Everywhere

It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter'd your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil'd this sacred place, and turn'd the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!

Oliver Cromwell (25 April 1599 – 3 September 1658)

BAD IDEA Archives

A shiney new TOLL ROAD that would cut an ugly and noisy swath of 18-Wheeling misery right through some of the most beautiful areas of Paulding County.

It seems ridiculous, but it is true. LEARN MORE. Of course at a town hall meeting at the end of 2011, David Austin swore that "there is no toll road" and he would give up on the idea of a toll road. Most people didn't seem to believe him. We learned that lesson about County Commissioners when the people kept voting down the bad idea of a new airport and we thought the politicians understood that we didn't want "no stinkin' airport" but then suddenly, like magic instead of government, there was a shiney new airport right where we didn't want it to be.


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