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Open Records Request May Open Some Eyes

(03.28.14) One hardworking member of the citizens who are against commercialization of the Paulding County Airport, aka Silver Comet Field, has acquired some very interesting documents about the deal Paulding County officials made with Hedge Fund Manager Brett Smith of Propeller Investments...they gave away the farm!!

Read them for yourself if you don't believe me!

IBA Terminal Lease

PCAA Bond Agreement

PCAA Engineering Agreement

Blackhawks Get Personal Invitation from BoC to
Return to Our Rooftops

(03.12.14) At yesterday's Board of Commissioners meeting, Resolution 14-08 in Full Support of Training Operations of Georgia National Guard at Paulding Airport. Click here to see a video of the meeting that begins just as the Resolution is being presented and then read aloud by the The Firm's representative. The Airport Authority will address this issue at their meeting next week on March 19th at 9am on the 2nd floor of the Airport Terminal Building.

Demonizing the Airport Opposition

(03.12.14) There is a move afoot to demonize all who oppose commercial expansion of the Paulding Airport. I have seen the movement coming together in little pieces over a couple of months now. More on connecing those dots later...

Yesterday morning, just hours before learning that the BoC is inviting the Blackhawks back to our backyards, I received two e-mail messages from military men who took me to task for defending my family home from an insane economic development plan known as the Commercialization of Paulding Airport on the previous evening's news broadcast.. Below are the messages with full names and email of senders temporarily withheld, along with my responses. READ EMAILS & REPONSES

They Knew there would be "Collateral Damage at the ends of the Runway" and DIDN'T CARE TO DO ANYTHING about Mitigating said Damage

(1.14.14) The map at right is the original plan drawn up for the Paulding County Airport and surrounding area in 2007 with additions in red by the Editor to show where the often mentioned but never addressed collateral damage caused by Paulding Airport aka Silver Comet Field is located.

The Franco Eleuteri design plan for The Greater Paulding Forest initiative included lots of green (of course, we already had that) and great new high end neighborhoods. Of course the damage done to the lives and property values of the human beings (God's Children) at the ends of the runway was never addressed or mentioned to our knowledge by anyone who has ever supported this airport. They just refer to us as "The Collateral Damage at the Ends of the Runway" and though we often get lip service from our elected officials regarding the level of their caring about our plight, I have NEVER seen any evidence of said "care".

LEARN MORE about the original Franco Eleuteri plan for Paulding....coming soon...

Georgia Get an "F" in Integrity

Georgia gets F in Integrity

(12/23/2013) A Google search of "corruption in Georgia politics" led to some unhappy news. According to the State Integrity Investigation, our beloved State of Georgia is most likely to be running rampant with government corruption and it is the state whose laws provide the most opportunity for corruption. Way to go, Georgia!! We're #1 corruption.

Frankly, my dears, I DO give a damn and I am, for the first time in my life, ashamed that I was born on Peachtree Street in what I used to think was the greatest state of them all. Now my eyes are opened. We are the most corrupt state of them all. OMG!!

Now, when my elected officials and their attorneys tell me that they are following the letter of the law, I understand better what they mean. It means they are not doing anything "illegal" in the most corrupt state in the United States of America. Call me crazy but it doesn't make me feel better that my elected "aren't doing anything illegal".


Editor's Note: (12-19-2013) Our Staff (Patti Smith) apologizes for lack of updates on airport happenings but I've been busy going to meetings and handing out flyers and "punching school yard bullies" of the social media set and still fighting with auto-immune disease. Add in the holiday events and who has the energy?

I know some think I have an entire staff and corporate backing, but no. It's just me and my sluggish thyroid. Lots more updates to soon as I find my Adrenal Energy Formula and make some green tea.

COME BACK SOON for airport news brought to you by Patti Smith...
aka "The Collateral Damage at the East End of the Runway"...

Lots of OPEN LETTERS & BS Ideas Flying Around

6666.66 Comes to Paulding County

(12/21/13 ~ Dallas, GA) Brett Smith (BS2) of Propeller Investments and Silver Comet Parners (or whatever they are calling themselves) told Paul Callahan that his goal is to have ONE MILLION passengers per year passing through Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport (PUJ aka Silver Comet Field). That means 6666.66 flights per year and approximately 20 flights per day based on 150 passengers per flight.

Read more in letter that Paul Callahan wrote when the Chamber of Commerce UNinvited him to be their new chairman because of his opposition to commercial air traffic at Paulding Airport.

(12/4/13 ~ Dallas, GA) It seems that everybody has an "Open Letter" to someone or another these days about the most recent BS plan for the Paulding Airport aka Silver Comet Field.

Come Back Soon for Patti's Open Letter to DA about resigning, the Chamber about integrity, and Ms. Wright who was so wrong on so many levels, along with Patti's thoughts on The Axis of Psychopathic Economic Development in Paulding County, BUT more on that many half-truths and lies, so little time...

Come Back Soon for more on the latest from non-Paulding-resident Blake Swafford (BS1), Executive Director at Paulding Airport and Industrial Building Authority,who always has had a lot of plans for the county, though it has always been hard to figure out exactly what those plans are, no matter how hard you try. And now, with non-Paulding-resident Brett Smith (BS2) of Propeller Investments on the airport scene, there are even more BS ideas coming our way and it is my job to do what little I can to warn the public because the people deserve to know what their government plans to do to them.

I have learned from personal experience that the dynamic duo of the BS Boys, and all their cohorts who play leadership roles in Paulding County, like to play their games with the truth of their actions "close to the vest" even though elected officials campaigned on a open and honest government. LOL! As BS2 said about turning Paulding's General Aviation Airport into Atlanta's Second Commercial Airport, "Loose lips, sink ships!"

The people need an open and transparent and honest government. Too bad the people of Paulding don't have one.

BS Runs Rampant...Hints that this website is published by sneaky corporate interests trying to harm the people of Paulding ARE 100% FALSE and laughable. This website is produced and funded by one woman who can't stand being bamboozled, hoodwinked or lied to, especially by my government.
I don't like it when business leaders try to pull the wool over my eyes either!

Can't Trust Government in Paulding

It appears the main problem with Paulding County is that the BoC, BS1 and BS2 like to keep secrets from me that affect my future negatively and THAT MEANS that my government representatives and big business are conspiring against me with the intention of doing good for themselves and bad for me. So wrong on so many levels! I thought Jesus taught us to do the right thing even when no one is looking...

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God’s Airport or the Devil’s Playground?

I’ve been to just a handful of Airport Authority meetings and, at each and every meeting, the airport was referred to as “God’s Airport”. During the Morning Prayers before all meetings, I always heard the words “Thank you Jesus for giving us this beautiful airport.” I was stunned because I am 100% certain that Jesus and our Good Lord had NOTHING to do with bringing this odious airport to Paulding County. I submit that Paulding Airport, recently renamed Silver Comet Airport, is the Devil’s Work and the Devil’s Playground. READ MORE

This Video Reveals Truth about Post Commissioners & Airport Authority Plotting and Scheming Against US

David Austin's own words on this video show that Post Commissioners conspired amongst themselves, and possibly with the Airport Authority, to hide the truth of their plan for Commercial Air Traffic expansion at Paulding Airport from Todd Pownall, Post Commissioner for the Airport Area, along with all the voters of Paulding County...But I reckon they were really trying to hide it from US neighbors. Don't seem very neighborly to me...

Wind & Airports

(3/10/2012) We have learned a lot more about wind, airports and airplanes than we EVER wanted to know! BUT, we feel we must educate ourselves, because it appears to us that the "geniuses" who thought up this unwanted airport did a questionable job of airport planning, ...READ MORE

About US

PUJ Watch is a community watchdog organization that monitors activities at Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport (PUJ), current and planned, while seeking to protect our public health, environment, property values and quality of life.

Paulding County, the owner of PUJ has pushed this airport into being against the wishes of the homeowners in the area and Paulding County voters. There is a very small elite circle of influential county residents and powerful politicians who have pushed this airport on us because they have "big plans" for the county. Big plans that will enrich a select and elite few, while harming the average working class Paulding County residents.

Our purpose is to control unchecked airport growth, air traffic, pollution, noise and other issues that have negatively affected those citizens who live around the airport. PUJ is routinely used for non-aviation purposes and offers 24-Hour-a-day operation which many neighbor-friendly community airports DO NOT. Citizens, when they attempt to address complaints with Paulding County government officials, are routinely treated with disdain and nonchalant indifference. And now we know they have been sneaking and scheming to create more misery for the neighbors of this noxious airport..

If our local officials are allowed to continue treating those citizens harmed by the airport with disdain and indifference, then you can bet that is exactly how they will treat you when it suits them. Of course,if you don't "wake up and smell the politicians" until after they come up with one of their "great new ideas" that harms you, just like their airport idea has harmed so many Paulding residents that have lived on land surrounding the airport for decades, then it will be too late for you.

You might be wondering, how can they harm local click here to view video at YouTbueresidents more than they already have by creating an environment that is lowering most property values and destroying the quality of life for those unlucky enough to have a new and unwanted airport in their once idyllic country setting?

Get ready for the latest and greatest BAD IDEA that the county's elite has for Paulding's unsuspecting citizens...


A Message from Oliver Cromwell to Corrupt Government Everywhere

It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter'd your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil'd this sacred place, and turn'd the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!

Oliver Cromwell (25 April 1599 – 3 September 1658)

BAD IDEA Archives

A shiney new TOLL ROAD that would cut an ugly and noisy swath of 18-Wheeling misery right through some of the most beautiful areas of Paulding County.

It seems ridiculous, but it is true. LEARN MORE. Of course at a town hall meeting at the end of 2011, David Austin swore that "there is no toll road" and he would give up on the idea of a toll road. Most people didn't seem to believe him. We learned that lesson about County Commissioners when the people kept voting down the bad idea of a new airport and we thought the politicians understood that we didn't want "no stinkin' airport" but then suddenly, like magic instead of government, there was a shiney new airport right where we didn't want it to be.


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