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Blake Swafford ~ The Idea Man

Paulding County Airport Director Blake Swafford (BS) has big plans for the airport and the county! BS thinks all of his ideas are REALLY GREAT! WE on the other hand do not agree. The people around the PUJ Airport, for the most part, hate what BS's ideas have done to us. Hope you aren't harmed by BS's next "great new idea" for the county.
Get ready Paulding, heeeeeere comes Blake!!

Last year, we wrote a simple little headline about Blake Swafford (BS), Airport Manager who wears many hats, being "The Idea Man". That phrase was used in an online article promoting BS and the new airport. It seemed innocuous to the headline writer but created an amusing result. Blake Swafford was tormented by more than one Post Commissioner when they ridiculed him, derisively calling him "The Idea Man" before an Airport Authority meeting was called to order one morning. It was clear that BS was deeply annoyed by their childish behavior. In that moment when they taunted and ridiculed him, it was a perfect picture of the kind of people they are. The video above is just the icing on the cake of lousy government in Paulding County

READ MORE about BS's Air Shows

From the very beginning, Blake Swafford has been working to bring this airport into existance in what was once the most beauftiful and peaceful area of Paulding County. His well-hidden plans have turned the airport into a monster that has ruined the lives of the people who are the collateral damage at the ends of the runway. Many sunk their life savings into their land and homes and now their investments are on the endangered list as Blake Swafford works desperately to bring his dark plans for Paulding to fruition. If your home is worth half or less of what it used to be, you can thank Blake Swafford along with all his cohorts on the Board of Commissioners, the Airport Authority (AA), and the Industrial Building Authority (IBA). Some call this group the Axis of Pyschopathic Economic Development in Paulding County...

In Georgia, Welcoming a New Airport
Blake with PlansIt’s one of aviation’s most rare occurrences: the birth of a new airport. It happened just a few months ago near the small town of Dallas, GA. Paulding County Northwest Atlanta Airport is the brainchild of former County Transportation Director Blake Swafford, who left that job to become the airport manager.

Swafford bet Paulding County, about 30 miles Northwest of downtown Atlanta, would be right in the path of expansion for the nation’s seventh-largest market. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

PUJ Watch Editor Says: And he's "betting" with our tax dollars. What fun! Thanks so much for all you've done TO us so far. Please remember that one man' s "great new idea" is another man's living nightmare.

Paulding County: Open For Business
Blake SwaffordLeaders know they will have to give companies a reason to relocate. As a result, Paulding has not shied away from investing in infrastructure to support its quest for more companies and jobs. Local leaders have also put a great deal of thought into which kinds of business are best suited for this Northwest Metro county and what it needs to attract them.

One of those ideas can be found at the end of a newly paved road off Highway 278, just seven miles outside the county seat of Dallas. It dead-ends at a wide parking lot fronting the strikingly modern terminal at Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport. Inside, a high-ceilinged atrium awash in sunlight greets the visitor. The waiting area is comfortable, and the brand-new furniture announces the facility’s recent opening.

The airport’s newness helps account for the lack of activity, but that is slowly beginning to change. About 20 flights arrive on an average weekday – double that number on the weekend. Sales of fuel have been rising by about 10 percent a month for the last 10 months, according to Airport Director Blake Swafford.

Co-op Works on Airport Business
BlakeSMALLBlake Swafford, the airport authority director, Jamie Gilbert, the head of Paulding County Economic Development, and Cahill who’s vice president of PCED, have been hard at work, touting the airport, its 6,000-foot runway and prime location.

A recent fact-finding trip to Oshkosh, Wis., home of EAA AirVenture, a famed aviation event held each year since 1953, resulted in some promising leads.

Paulding airport officials begin planning for new air
airshowCRASHHe said an air show is a good opportunity to attract people of all walks of life to enjoy an up-close aviation experience. “People walk away from an air show with a whole new perspective on what airplanes and aviation are about,” he said.

Airport director Blake Swafford said the committee is pursuing military performers for the show. Tidmore said those performances can include everything from Thunderbirds to smaller fighter planes. “We’re hopeful to get as much military support as we can,” he said.

The committee is also talking with several non-military aviation performers to be a part of the show, Tidmore said.